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Petroleum - Fuels: (Products made from a Barrel of Crude OilFull Oil & Gas Conversion Chart

Over the years we have built solid relationships with suppliers from USA, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria and Kuwait and we can provide direct from 'mandates', 'end sellers' and refineries for (Jet Fuel), Mazut 100, D2 (Gas Oil), D6 (Fuel Oil), Light Crude Oil, BLCO , Heavy Crude Oil and LPG.

We are always ready to serve genuine 'end buyers' or their mandates or proven brokers. Buyers will always need sellers who can perform, meaning a seller can prove he has the product. Buyers will want a proof of product POP and Sellers proof of funds POF the financial capability to enter and finish a contract. The equation is POP = POF. This is usually done 'bank to bank' and once this first crucial stage has been established most contracts should then be straight forward and conclude without any problems.

We act as intermediaries and facilitators presenting procedures to the end users, if they are accepted then we take a step back allowing both sides to close the business. We have earned credibility and trust within the industry by helping to close deals succesfully for the mutual benefit of all parties.

All trade enquires from buyers. Please fill in the form with your requirements and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible with a quote. Trade Enquiry

We are fully aware that petroleum derived from fossil fuels is still a needed commodity and there will be a demand for this form of energy until either stocks are depleted or a complete change in global Clean Energy Policy. We are committed to meeting our clients energy needs in a manner consistent with a clean air environment subscribing to all Clean Air and Green Energy programs and systems that help to preserve our ecosystem supporting all advancements in the development of projects or initatives that help better life on our planet. We have a responsibility to our children to help preserve our only habitat for future generations.


Prices change every day. Most of our sellers work to the daily indices on NWE Platts minus discount. The contract prices will be the prices invoiced worked on the basis of 3 days average (the day upon loading, preceeding day and the following day. The following links you can real time prices.


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