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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum gas)

LPG is referred to as the world’s most multi-purpose energy source, it’s a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel. Being an exceptional energy source due to its origin and benefits, it’s a clean-burning, sustainable and efficient fuel emitting a vital source of energy for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world today with multiple applications.

It's a unique fuel in as much that it comes from 2 different sources, 60% is recovered during the extraction of natural gas and oil from the earth, and the remaining 40% is produced during the refining of crude oil. Although tied to the production of natural gas and crude oil, LPG has its own distinct advantages and can perform nearly every fuel function of the primary fuels from which it is derived.

Natural Gas and oil extraction

When natural gas and crude oil are drawn from the earth, a mixture of several different gases and liquids are extracted, with LPG typically accounting for roughly a total of 5% of them. Before natural gas and oil can be transported or used, the gases that make up LPG - which are slightly heavier – and are separated out.

Crude Oil refining

The process of refining oil is complex and involves many stages. LPG is produced from oil at several of these stages including atmospheric distillation, reforming, cracking and others. It is produced because the gases of which it is composed (butane and propane) are trapped inside the crude oil. In order to stabilise the crude oil before pipeline or tanker distribution, these 'associated' or natural gases are further processed into LPG.

In crude oil refining, the gases that make up LPG are the first products produced on the way to making the heavier fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline. Roughly 3% of a typical barrel of crude oil is refined into LPG, although as much as 40% of a barrel could be converted into LPG.  

We can facilitate the purchase of LPG with your customized specification of Butane and Propane mix. We have a supplier that has a minimum of 50000mt with a fixed price and another with minimum 100000mt price based on Platts - discount.


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