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Conditions & Procedures:

We work to strict rulings of the International Chamber of commerce (ICC) assuring full participation of all parties involved in the transaction (seller, agent and buyer). For this reason every type of transaction will need specific documentation and to follow in most cases standard procedures. The conditions can change slightly depending on the product and also the provider, for this reason you need to be sure of the procedures for each different transaction. Payments: Are most usually in the form of documented Letters of credit (UCP 600) or transfers via Swift M 103 (determines the delivery of the documents). In some cases it can include Bank Guarantees or Letters of credit as collateral guarantees of a contract. All forms of payment will have to be expressed in an irrevocable, confirmed, transferable or not transferable (depending on the seller), and with banks only of the top 25.

Contracts: The minimal contract is 12 months. The Sales ‘SPOT’ can be any where from 500-1000 tons up to 300.000 tons. CIF / ASWP: Conditions of selling CIF will differ depending on the locations but generally to 'Any Safe World Port'. Normally the first delivery will depart from the port of origin between 25 and 40 days from when the documents of payment have been confirmed.

Regular Procedures:

The buyer emits or serves a Letter of Intention LOI or Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order ICPO together with an authorization FOR A BANK PROBE to test for solvency in his bank account.

Alternatively will need a Bank Letter of Acknowledgement (BCL) or a Swift MT 799 for a Proof of Funds (POF ). The bank letter will have to include complete description of the business, required product and required quantity, port of destination, delivery times and Target Price. In some cases a NCND Agreement is signed with a master commission protection agreement of commissions (IMFPA).

The seller emits a Firm Corporate Offer (FCO) in favour of the buyer.

The buyer signs and seals the FCO and returns it to the seller.

The seller emits the draft of the sales contract to be discussed with the buyer.

The buyer accepts, signs, seals and returns the Contract. The seller signs the contract and sends it to the buyer. From this point from now on both parties accept the ICC and-Terms (2004) with regard to transmission of digital documents.

The seller and the buyer exchange 3 (three) hard copies of the contract, simultaneously, sent by courier designating for the buyer.

In 5 (five) bank days of the signing of the contract the bank of the buyer sends the document of non operative payment to the bank of the seller via Swift MT760.

In 5 (five) bank days after receiving the document of non operative payment the bank of the seller sends the Proof of Product (POP)  together with the Performance Bond (PB) via Swift. The payment instrument now becomes operative.

The delivery begins according to agreed contract.

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