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Bonny Light Crude Oil:

BLCO - Bonny Light Crude Oil is a high grade Nigerian crude oil with high API gravity (low specific gravity), produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the prolific region around the city of Bonny where the offshore bonny terminal is located.

The very low sulphur content of Bonny Light crude makes it a highly desired grade for its low corrosiveness to refinery infrastructure and the lower environmental impact of its by-products in refinery effluent. When refined, produces a higher percentage of middle distillates than can use just about any other feedstock.  In some cases as much as 30% more diesel fuel (d2) and jet fuel (kerosene, JP54) than other comparable crudes such as SLCO.

The national government of Nigeria runs and takes part in the petroleum industry of Nigeria through the NNPC. No transactions are done without their overseeing and participation and allotment approval to resellers or to the Approved lifters.

We can facilitate the purchase through our Approved Allotment Holders at competitively priced private offerings with a discount.


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