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Prices are generally FOB but we can do C&F (transport cost added). We prefer to start off with a trial shipment and then we can make a decision on a yearly contract. The contracts will be viewed every trimestre and the price actualized to the factory price - see procedures

Prices FOB

Location Type Of Cement Standard BS/US Packing FOB Loading Port
Spain Types I, II, III, IV EN 197 -1-2000 50kgs/BB/B 1 Consult Malaga/Barcelona
Portugal CEM II/A-L 42,5 R * EN 197 -1-2000 Big Bags 2 52 euros/mt Setubal
Portugal CEM II/A-L 42,5 R EN 197 -1-2000 Big Bags 2 55euros/mt Setubal
Turkey CEM II 42,5 R EN 197 -1-2000 Big Bags 3 $68/mt Antalya
Turkey CEM II 42,5 N EN 197 -1-2000 Big Bags 3 $64/mt Antalya
Pakistan DPC, Grade 42,5 N EN 197 -1-2000 50kgs 4 $60/mt Karachi
Iran Type: II 42,5 R AST M-150/ISIRI 389 50kgs 5 $56/mt Banda Abbas
Vietman Blend ED PCB 40 * TCVN 6260:2009 50kgs/BB 6 $61/mt Quang Ninh

 * STANDARD : TCVN 6260:2009 similar to EN 197-1:2000/CEM II 42,5 R

1. Spain/UK: Bulk, Big Bags and 50kgs bags.

2. Portugal: packing 50kg paper bags repackaged in slinged pallet less shrink wrapped packages with 39 bags each, a total net weight of 1,950kg and following dimensions: 126x100x107cm.

3. Turkey: Packing in sling Big Bags each of 1,5 mt containing 30x 50 Kg KRAFT bags 4+1 PLIES

4. Pakistan: packing poly propylene bag of 50 kg each.

5. Iran: Packing pp bags 50 kgs each.

6.  Vietnam: Packing  50 kgs - 20-30 kpk bags and repacked in jumbo bag 1.0 - 1.5mt

All trade enquires from buyers. Please fill in the form and if you have any questions we will get back to you in the shortest time possible Trade Enquiry or send us your petitions with the appropriate LOI indicating FOB or C&F. With C&F, we will need to know the draft at the unloading port and the rate of discharge to calculate cost for freight. 


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