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Crude Palm Oil:

Palm Oil is the world number one produced edible oil. Originally native to Africa was introduced into South East Asia in the 19th century, now over 80% of crude palm oil is produced in the Asia Pacific tropical regions with the main oil producing countries being Malaysia and Indonesia, while other areas of production include Africa and Latin America. Crude Palm oil is obtained from the pericarp of palm fruit and crude palm kernel oil is obtained from the seed or kernel. The majority of exported product is in the form of refined oil and is widely used in food products, detergents, and cosmetics. It is also increasingly used as a biofuel.  


The fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from the palm tree are sterilized by using high-pressure steam, this deactivates the enzymes in the palm fruits and separates the fruitlets from the palm bunches.  Once the steaming process is finished the palm fruitlets are then crushed in a pressing machine to obtain crude palm oil and palm kernel. After the waste and water is then cleared and separated from the CPO by means of a centrifuge.  The left over fruit bunches and waste from the process is used as fertilizers in the plantations.

Below is a video of the Crude Palm Oil process with compliments of Professor. Abd Karim Alias.

Edible grade Crude Palm Oil (CPO) FFA 5% max PORAM standards from Sumatra Indonesia. Non-edible grade CPO with FFA 30-50% for biofuel production is also available.

We work with End Sellers and producers directly that only are included in the sustainable palm oil supply chain and encourage petitions from buyers authorised Brokers and Agents. Please fill in the Trade Enquiry or present us your LOI and we'll get back to you in the shortest time possible with a quote. back

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