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Bauxite Ore:

Bauxite is one of the main raw material used in the production of aluminium – the most abundant metallic element on earth mined today – with 70% to 80% of raw bauxite ultimately processed into aluminium. While aluminium has numerous advantages, it's a costly material to process due to its energy-intensive nature of processing aluminium from bauxite.  Generally takes about four tons of bauxite to produce two tons of alumina, which is then refined into one ton of the primary aluminium metal.

Additionally, given the efficient aluminium recycling industry and the fact that 75% of the material ever smelted is still in use today, bauxite faces even further challenges. However, in spite of these challenges, output continues to increase, especially in China and Australia, the largest single producers of bauxite.

We can provide Bauxite Ore direct from our mines in Peru and Chile in South America.  Minimum orders start at 30000mt/month. 

Price shall be FOB/CNF/CIF loading and unloading ports are based on ‘Marketscan’ per metric ton less discount  USD /MT, plus +  cost of freight to be paid at actual for rate for Ore, per standard specification


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