WARNING to Time Wasters, Non Performers and Fraudsters:

Please be advised, all collaborating partners, brokers, agents or any party who is not a credited partner who send us requests or petitions in the form of LOI/ICPOs, to in first instance to have conducted the appropriate due diligence on the content before sending us.

We ask all parties to check under their own personal responsibility the source of all the information that they send us, and to verify accuracy and authenticity, failing to do so could terminate all future collaboration if the information proves to be false, inadequate or insufficient to be able to proceed with the business in hand or not being able to execute a contract.

Any attempts to gain access to confidential information by emitting false LOI/ICPOs to obtain the sellers contact information, or equally false sellers SCO/FCOs emitted to gain buyers information through deception using false names and or non existing companies (or even existing companies with the sole purpose of obtaining the confidential details to either circumvent, by pass or to go direct is unethical and tantamount to fraud and will not be tolerated and will be reported to appropriate government enforcement agencies both locally and internationally to include your name or company in the black list of fraudsters and time wasters.